A Beautiful Mystery

A Beautiful Mystery … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

You approach the courtyard with mixed feelings. You’ve been dreading this day … what awaits you beyond the doors is anybody’s guess.

It’s an incredibly beautiful spring afternoon … one of those days that exemplifies what spring should always be … cornflower blue skies, blooming flowers, soft fragrant breezes, the sweet songs of birds, the sunlight golden and soft like the hand of friendship on your shoulder. As if the occasion that brought you here, which fills you with uncertainty and apprehension, were a mere nothing.

Gently, the surroundings nudge your spirits … make you want to take a deep breath of good air into yourself … and you feel your heart begin to rise.

Well, things usually have a way of turning out for the better when you give them a chance, don’t they.

Here we go.


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