Mom’s Daffs

“Mom’s Daffs” … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

The beginning of March in the Mid-Atlantic area of the US is the time most of us begin to head outdoors and inspect our landscape friends, to see who made it through the harsh winter, who needs some tlc and who went off to see the wizard.

In this case, 2017, our local winter was a mere whiff of its usual self. Little to no snow and though we had some cold days, they didn’t last long. Most of the flowers and plants seem to be waking up and stretching their little green arms out to the sun. These days of renewal and awakening are a joy and … well, frankly for some of us (me) … exciting in their own quiet ways.

This image is of the daffodil borders I had at our old house in Maryland. They’re very special to me as their little bulbs were a gift from my mom, from her own garden, many years ago. I brought several of the original bulbs to our new house and planted them the fall we moved in, 2015, but was disappointed in that there were no flowers last year.

I’m eagerly watching over the currently 5-inch tall green shoots this year … and hoping …



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