Nearly Six Months

Well, it’s been a crazy nearly 6 months since my last visit here.  I won’t go into excuses and explanations (yet again), except to say that all is well.  I haven’t even been that busy (I’ve actually been feeling what we used to call “punk” … no energy, odd sleeping episodes, no stamina, a year-long… Continue reading Nearly Six Months

Another Incarnation

Well, we’ve undergone another change here.  🙄 I’ll be trying to figure out the way this new site works.  Hoping it’s just a period of adjustment with the new theme?  Have a note in to some folks who hopefully will be able to help. Anyway.  Dere’s worse things, right?  Absolutely!!! Funny that this happened …… Continue reading Another Incarnation

The Barn Over The Hill

The morning dawns bright and crisply cold after an overnight snowfall. It brings the golden sunshine and a sharp, strong wind which blows the light snow across the fields and uncovers the stalks of the previous season’s now harvested corn. Your eyes are stinging from the cold and you reach into your pockets, hoping for… Continue reading The Barn Over The Hill

To Hold In Your Heart

While I spent the weekend on another of my annual hunts for red October (and orange and yellow and purple … the leaf peeping season) … and hope to give it another go this week and coming weekend, I added to my portfolio today (October 17th 2016) an image of glorious springtime daffodils from my… Continue reading To Hold In Your Heart