Beach Time

This time of year, I begin to yearn for the beach. That first joyful roar of greeting from the ocean, my toes wiggling in the warm sand, a hot early-morning mug of coffee in my hands, a walk down to the water to get splashed by the icy little shore-waves, the gulls overhead welcoming me back.… Continue reading Beach Time

Creative Titles

An interesting topic came up in one of the discussions I follow online recently.  The question was, “Creative Titles … How Do You Do It?” I can’t tell you how important I think the title for an image can be. I actually have a couple of images I especially like that have been sitting quietly in… Continue reading Creative Titles

Creating a Transparent Overlay for Signatures and Watermarks in Photoshop

I’ve been asked how I create the transparent watermarks / overlays I use on the images I post online, so I’ve written up a small tutorial. So here we go … quick and easy: Open photoshop and crank up a new document 800 x 800 or so Background contents: transparent Hit ok Duplicate this layer… Continue reading Creating a Transparent Overlay for Signatures and Watermarks in Photoshop

A Restful Retreat

Another real estate shoot, this time for a general brokerage sale, resulted in a lovely find last week. I fell in love with this wonderful garden bench in this stone and brick nook.  It was a hot July afternoon … but the shade and the sunshine filtering through the  greens from the leaves of the trees… Continue reading A Restful Retreat

Bizzy … In A Good Way

Whew … bizzy-bizzy!!  Lots happening with model home photography lately and not as much fine art stuff going out into the universe from me.  Model home / real estate photography is actually something I love doing … all those issues of Architectural digest I bought over the years must have sifted into my subconscious and are… Continue reading Bizzy … In A Good Way