Bizzy … In A Good Way

Whew … bizzy-bizzy!!  Lots happening with model home photography lately and not as much fine art stuff going out into the universe from me.  Model home / real estate photography is actually something I love doing … all those issues of Architectural digest I bought over the years must have sifted into my subconscious and are coming in handy.

Here’s a shot I did from a beautiful community in Delaware recently  (please forgive the watermarks, I don’t like having my stuff ripped off – and that includes Pinterest ~ fodder for a different blog ~ ) …


And isn’t this a pretty kitchen?


One of the things I particularly like to do is capture the flow of a space … the way the rooms work together, as shown here:


I’ll probably be uploading a slide show of these homes to my YouTube channel shortly … so if interested, stay tuned.  I’ll make a post here when and if.

One of the challenges of this kind of work is getting angles and lines straight and orderly.  Can be a time consuming Photoshop adventure, especially when using a wide angle lens.  My favorite for interiors is the Nikon 10-24mm and that little puppy can cause some eye-crossing distortions.

Just discovered a pretty cool tutorial from Adobe TV for a nifty feature in Photoshop CS6 that I totally didn’t know was there.  Thought I’d share:

I can’t say I’ve mastered this new technique.  I can say I spent all morning getting lost playing with it though, trying to figure it out.  Looks easy enough on the barn image the guy is demonstrating with, but try it on a somewhat narrow hallway with a table to one side, a lopsided lampshade, stairs going off to the right and a peek of a lovely room at the far end of the hall.   Not for the faint of heart, lemme tell ya.

Of course, sometimes the old way is the easiest and best way.  For uncomplicated images I still just use Edit – Transform – Skew – Scale, with a grid overlay.

And there went MY morning!!!  What did YOU get into today??

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