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Turning A Corner

With me, as with most photographers, it’s all about catching the light. I’ve had a bit of a struggle with light this autumn … some days it’s fickle and teases me moment to moment. Some days it promises to shine

Just An Ordinary Day

Just an ordinary day … a pretty scarlet cardinal stopping by the old wooden bird feeder grabbing a hearty birdie breakfast of black oiler sunflower seeds. On a snowy, frigid winter’s morning such as this one was, he knew where

The Sunny Side Of The Street

A glorious autumn day … the kind we wait for all year. But they don’t last long, and they can be elusive. Chasing the light on this particular weekend was challenging; Mother Nature was in a playful mood as I

Leaf Peeping

It’s October, and here in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US East Coast we’re in the heart of Leaf-Peeping season again.  A trip into town on a sunny Sunday for a bottle of milk can take twice as long as

Beach Grass

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the ocean … a long time since my toes scrunched in the warm sand, a long time since my ears heard the thundering breakers before my eyes watched them crash. Not sure

Warning!! … Artificial Sweetener Xylitol Toxic To Dogs

Hey all … I’m going to go off in a different direction for a minute tonight.  I just posted this on Twitter and also on my FaceBook page … so thought I’d run it here as well. I happened to

While Walking The Dog

Jumping back into a summery image, briefly, to show off a fun something I captured in early September while walking our little dog, Buddy. There’s a lot to be said for physical exercise … all the doctors and the health-blogs and

The Glorious Centennial Barn and My Magical Ability to Change the Seasons

One of the things I love best about photography is meeting with other photographers. I’m fortunate to have a great group of friends who are within driving distance of me, with whom I love getting together occasionally. A day in

Autumn Welcome

An old fashioned porch … the kind with a swing and a couple of rocking chairs … decorated for the fall holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving … the kind of scene that has a familiar warmth, even if you’ve never been there


A quick check-in to make sure you, Dear Reader, aren’t thinking that I’ve fallen off the edge of the planet again.  Nope, still here, still kicking!! I’ve been in the Seldom-Seen category lately for a very good reason … and “good”