Counter Seating Available

Every time my husband and I stop in at the Denny’s Diner in Breezewood, PA, there’s a moment when I’m whisked back in time to the neighborhood diner of the ’50s.  And yes, I do remember the ’50s … you know, vaguely.  Very vaguely.  It was a time of bee-bop music, swinging pony tails, black and white oxford shoes (hated those things … couldn’t keep the whites white), poodle skirts, and hanging out at the local diner, curled up in the booth, sipping on a chocolate milk-shake and listening to Elvis crooning away on the juke box.

Well, no not really.  Actually, I never did any of that. Well, yeah, okay.  Maybe I did swing my pony tail once or twice.  And I really did hate those uncomfortable shoes.  However. For some of us of a certain age, I think it’s in our genetic memory to have done all those things … by osmosis or something, right? I’m probably getting my sciences mixed up, but you get my drift.

Point is, this particular diner has been the subject of a couple of images scattered through my portfolio … and here’s another one. Hope it brings back a fond memory or two (real or imaginary) and hope you enjoy.

“Counter Seating Available” … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Lots of fun with this, first snapped in January of 2012 with the Nikon D300. Not sure which lens, probably the Nikkor 18-200mm as I love its flexibility. Piles of fun in Photoshop and Corel Painter 2015, falling in love with a great brush by John Lowther for the counter stools.

A rather sad update … as of this writing, 4/2/19, the diner, though still there physically, is closed and has been so for about 2 years.  I hope it comes back some day … bee bop music on the juke box and all!!  


As always, a click on the image takes you to my website with purchase options … just in case.  And also as always, would love to hear your thoughts … about the 50s … or diners … or … ??  

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