To Protect And Serve

A few years ago my family and I had the great pleasure of attending a wonderful small-town Fourth Of July festival in the charming town of Queen Anne, Maryland. There was a fabulous parade complete with Parade Queens, the local Fire Department trucks giving rides and everything you could wish for.

After the parade everyone gathered in a large area for an old-fashioned bazaar. There were home-made cakes and pies being raffled off, penny-toss games and a band playing on a small stage.

I felt like I’d been magically transported back several decades.

Off to the side I spotted this beautiful motorcycle. Police presence was not noticeable, but obviously someone was watching over the happy crowd of families and merry-makers. I snapped this shot of the policeman’s bike and have held onto it all this time.

“To Protect And Serve” … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Our general area has just experienced yet another tragedy. Two policemen were gunned down in the line of duty a recently ago in Harford, Maryland, and it got me to thinking about this old image. I decided to sit down with it and see what might happen. Lots of times I’ll do this, spend hours and hours … or days … on an image and never feel it quite lives up to my expectations. But this time I was pleased … and so I send it out into the Universe as my appreciation of what our police force around this great country of ours does for us every single day.

Thank you.


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