Open Wide And Say Ahh

As a general rule, I’m not a summer person.

No, for right now I’m not talking about colors … remember that craze a few years back where we were all sectioned off into the four seasons according to whatever colors we looked best in?  I never could figure that one out .  I’m talking about the seasons.  I love autumn best … those rare few days when the light on the dazzling trees is so rich and buttery you could cut it with a knife.  Then comes early, early spring … when just the first few brave blossoms dare to peek their little heads out of the cold ground and the bare trees’ shadows sketch outlines against the emerald grass.  Both those are wonderful.  Winter’s good too … ahhh … the excitement of a snow storm and the bliss of a Bailey’s or Kahlua laced cocoa and a roaring fire.  Yeah.  Good times.

But summer?  Well, thank heavens for air conditioning.  And screens in the windows.  And ice cream!!!  But oh the bugs.  And the heat, and the humidity, and the bugs.  Did I already say bugs?  Not a fan of bugs.  BUT.  There are compensations.  Da beach … dooo love the beach.

And … well, the flowers.

Take for example these, the first-blooming of the vibrant orange lilies in our local garden.  They explode with color … as if they can’t wait to open and greet the brand new summer season. All around the three blossoms are millions more fat buds, seemingly bursting to join the party. And then … eager to play his part in the age old game of life and propagation, a colorful little Malay Lacewing butterfly makes his approach as one of the lilies seems to open wide and say “ahh” …. a butterfly which, come to think of it … is actually a “bug.”  Hmmm ….

“Open Wide And Say Ahh” … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

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Anyway … happy summer!!!!


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