Painted Florals

A gorgeous June afternoon and here I sit in my office!!  What’s wrong with this picture??  Well, for right now, I thought I’d have some fun catching up the blog.  I tend to write late at night, but recently I’ve been having too much fun experimenting with digital painting of some of my images, and have left my poor blog all alone.  Baaaad Lois.  So here are a few of my most recent that I thought I’d pack together in one posting.  I do hope you’re not tired of flower images … ??

The first is “Colorful Orange Zinnias” … they were growing in my garden a few years ago, and I loved how they caught the morning sun just right. A fun impressionistic-y interpretation of the joy of nature reaching up to the light.

Colorful Orange Zinnias … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

I’ve been enjoying walking around an unfamiliar garden these soft spring evenings and it’s just the time and place to discover a little magic. Just beside a wonderfully weather-beaten old doorway I found an unexpected pop of color. A perfect red and yellow parrot tulip displaying his silent beauty all by himself for his few brief hours of glory.   I’m glad I was there to see him.  In this image, I worked the lovely petals in a more realistic style.  I really loved the fine detail and rich color combination and wanted to bring that out.  Against the rest of the image, which is much looser in style, I think the flower’s head detailing makes a nice contrast.

Red And Yellow Parrot Tulip … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

I had a lot of fun being very artsy on this next one. Discovered on another ramble through the same garden on a different evening, sweet little bluebells caught my eye.

“Unbluebells” … from © Lois Bryan Photography And Digital Art

Another of my discoveries on another of my rambles, I found so many peony plants in so many colors and varieties, each with many blossoms. This particular bloom seemed to cup the last of the spring evening’s light and gather it into itself.  The shadings of light and shadow were so wonderfully subtle but still clear in the original photo that I decided to create this image in a very realistic style.

“White Peony In The Light” … from © Lois Bryan Photography And Digital Art

The delicate brushwork can be seen by clicking into each image.  You’ll be taken directly to the image’s page at my main art website.  Hover and click your mouse over the part of the image that you’d like to view up close and a cool little box will pop up.  It’s a great way to really see all the fun stuff.  As always, each image is for sale as fine wall art in a variety of paper choices (my personal favorite is picture rag), mats and frames.  In addition, I’m now offering my images on even more great new product lines … from the old standby tote bags and phone cases to new beach towels and carry-all pouches and more.  Stop by and see!!

Last … don’t forget … watermarks here and at my artist website never appear on purchased products.  Promise!!


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