Windmills On The Horizon

Rural central Pennsylvania in autumn can be a brilliant vision. The fields patch-worked along the rolling hills and valleys turn the most delicious shade of old gold. Carved among the corn fields are pastures where milk cows graze in the last of the season’s warm sun.

Windmills On The Horizon © Lois Bryan
Windmills On The Horizon © Lois Bryan

One of the things that we are seeing in these glorious bucolic settings are the huge turbine windmills that now march across our horizons. They are the subject of much controversy among those who live here. Seen from a distance like this they are somewhat quaint. Up close … kind of scary.

This particular image is based on a photograph I took October 20, 2013 between Pavia and Roaring Spring not far from Blue Knob, Pennsylvania with the Nikon D7000 and the Nikkor 18-200mm vr lens. Much tinkering in Photoshop CS6 to create the painterly look you see here which included significant hand-painting with the Wacom tablet. My thanks to Jerry Jones of Skeletal Mess for the texture … one of my favorites.

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I can’t wait to get back to the mountains again with the camera … always a favorite activity this time of year.  (And yes, I’ll stay well clear of the windmills!!)

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