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Just a quick announcement about a new feature here on my blog … if you glance up to the top right of this page, in addition to the “About” tab which tells all the juicy tidbits about my private life … (well, no, not really ) … I’m including a “Shopping” page!

So, hey, the holidays are coming, right?  Now, don’t close this blog, run go grab a fresh cup of coffee or tea (or if it’s dark where you are, a nice glass of wine or bottle of brewski) and come back and click that “Shopping” tab and let’s take a visual journey through my images.

Clicking on one of the small thumbnails will bring you to a purchasing page.  Please note, depending on your browser and device type (computer or pad or phone) …

.. the product shown will be a print, but you will find the “7 Additional Products” notation and either be zoomed to a breakdown of more image choices from canvas to framed and matted to greeting cards to phone covers, or they’ll be floating around on your screen someplace.   Trust me.

Cool beans, huh?

So now, remember … though the holidays ARE coming  we don’t have to wait for Christmas … let’s start thinking about the beautiful autumn season here in the Northern Hemisphere …

The Road Home ©Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art
The Road Home ©Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Let’s freshen up that guest bedroom … and that nook near the stairs … and ooo … something fun for the kitchen … and GIFTS … come on … you know Aunt Sally loves butterflies …

Seeking Sweetness © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art
Seeking Sweetness © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

As always, clicking the watermarked images here will take you directly to my website … but you can find these and oodles more “h”ever so conveniently by just clicking on my new “Shopping” tab right here!! (Actually UP, up here … top right … see it?)


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