Corfu Kitty

“Corfu Kitty” … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Well, your fantasy has come true, and there you stand right smack dab in the middle of the Greek Island you’ve wanted to visit since you were a kid. Corfu. Read a book about it when you were little, and that sealed it. Never in your life did you ever expect to find yourself there, but dang … you did it. The excitement you feel everywhere your eyes fall is like a scream you’re holding onto inside … after all, mustn’t frighten the other tourists.

Your visit to the island is taking you to place after place that you never knew existed, each more magic than the one before. Now after climbing steep, narrow, scary roads in a gear-grinding, rickety old bus (praying the brakes work), you’re standing in the courtyard of the Paleokastritsa Monastery, high above the Ionian Sea. The glorious sunlight warms you right down to your bones. Flowers everywhere are bursting in blooms of flaming color, sure to bedazzle the eyes and the heart.

Suddenly a kitty appears in the doorway, eyes full of questions … will you come inside, she seems to ask? Her mysterious appearance has one mission … to ground you and complete the job of making your dreams come true.

The only question now, is, who’s purring louder, Kitty or you?

Hope you enjoyed this one … as you can probably tell, there’s a lot of love and joy wrapped up in it.  As always, would love to hear about a trip you made to one of your bucket list destinations, or about something that made you so happy you, too, had to hold onto that inside-scream of excitement.

Life can be a pain in the butt sometimes, can’t it … so it’s good to reflect back on the crazy good stuff now and then.


As always, a click on the image should whip you off to my website where you’ll be able to click and get a closer-up view of the detail-y bits of the pic.  Also, bunches of choices of wall art options from different papers (I love picture rag, by the way) to lots of mats and frames, to some fun and rather unique gift ideas.

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