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A Peacock At Beallair

Ok kids, today, let’s take out our history books … we’re going to make some notations in the margins. You see before you a colorful peacock displaying his magnificent plumage on the lawn of historic Beallair near Harpers Ferry, West

Counter Seating Available

Every time my husband and I stop in at the Denny’s Diner in Breezewood, PA, there’s a moment when I’m whisked back in time to the neighborhood diner of the ’50s.  And yes, I do remember the ’50s … you

Forest Snowman

Since we’re directly in the path of an oncoming, mondo snow storm (January 22, 2016), thoughts of the upside, fun side of these kinds of weather systems have naturally been on my mind. Building snow men (and ladies), skiing and

Creatures Of A Winter Sunset

One December evening several years ago, 2009 in fact, I was standing at the window in our family room, enjoying the scene in front of our home. The flaming orange colors from the setting sun showed up the bare trees

Creative Mood Swings

Creatively, I’ve sort of run the gamut these past several days between quiet and neutral to intense and colorful. The first, “White Roses In Old Clay Pot” is a delicate and subdued, gently-toned still life with loads of negative space.  Ahhh

New Year’s Day

Hoping everyone enjoyed a beautiful Christmas or whatever holidays you celebrate, and that your New Year’s Eve was joyful and filled with love and was either exciting or peaceful … whichever one you prefer.  Nothing worse than sitting around twiddling your thumbs

The Opera House At Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Though all the furniture is in place and the pictures are on the walls, I have the feeling that settling in to a new house from a home of nearly 30 years is going to be a work-in-progress for quite a while.

The Little Stone House In September

A lovely old stone house relishes the September sunshine, letting the light seep into her ancient bones, warming all the creaking, cracking places. She has been watching the world change around her, slowly, for many years. Watching the humans as

For Just This One Moment

I named this one “For Just This One Moment” for a special reason.  We’ve all been thinking about the horror that took place in Paris recently … and other tragic events that seem to be happening almost daily, all over

A Puppy-Dog Thanksgiving

On this day before Thanksgiving here in the US, a day of food preparation, house cleaning and loads of busy and fun tasks to be completed before the big day, I wanted to stop and take just a moment to