The Secret World Of Coneflowers

Original Title: “When Fairies Come Out To Play”

I am convinced that things go on in this world of ours that we know nothing about. I’ve never seen anything out of the ordinary, at least not since growing out of little kid-hood, but that doesn’t matter. (If you can read between the lines, you’re welcome to let your imagination wander ).

“The Secret World Of Coneflowers” … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

I’m pretty sure all the critters, the birdies and the froggies, squirrels and bees and butterflies party-hardy (or is it party-hearty?) when none of those pesky human beings are looking. And even the flowers join in. This particular image is my private flight of fancy, imagining some fun goings-on in that wonderful secret world that was my garden.


As always, apologies for the watermark … one of these days I’ll go into a bit more detail as to why I use them.  If you wish to see the image in a nicer and larger resolution, give it a click and off you’ll go to my website.  There you’ll find wall-art and gift options and a nicer watermark.  Watermarks which will magically have disappeared on any product you might wish to purchase.  (Could the woodland-fairies have been at work removing them?)

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2 Comments on “The Secret World Of Coneflowers

    • Thanks Phil … we’ve finally planted some cone flowers here at our new house … I’m patiently waiting for the butterflies to discover them!!

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