An Irish Pub In Scotland

A day late and a dollar short, that’s me!!

The image I’m spotlighting today was supposed to have been posted yesterday which (at least for the next 26 minutes) was St. Patrick’s Day!!  But … well … you know how it goes sometimes …

“Biddy Mulligan’s Pub” … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art … with Rich Bryan

When my son was studying in Edinburgh in 2012 he did a lot of traveling around Great Britain as well as several spots in Europe. Before he left, I gave him a crash course in photography with my old Nikon D40x. He has taken to photography like he’s held a dslr in his hands all his life.

I’ve been enjoying going through his images again recently, and one of my favorites is the capture of this wonderful pub, Biddy Mulligans, located in Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.  I had a lot of fun working it up in Photoshop CS6 and digitally painting it in Corel Painter 2015.

A bit ‘o’ Ireland in Scotland, to me, this looks like a perfect spot for a “pint” on a warm day, and the kind of place my son must have loved after a long day of studying for exams.

Well. After a long day, at least.  

And oh by the way, yesterday being St. Patty’s Day and all … I did drink a green beer last night!!!  My first ever!!!


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