Calico Kitten

An adorable calico kitty sits on the edge of the porch on a gentle spring afternoon. I can’t help wondering what has captured her attention. The lawn and garden are dancing with butterflies and moths, enjoying the warmth of the day. It’s my guess Kitty is just about to pounce out into the lush green and try to play with her elusive winged friends.

Calico Kitten … from © Lois Bryan Photography And Digital Art

Lordie how I do love kittens!!! Love my dog(s) to bitz and back, of course, but ahhh … kitteeeee-ahhzzzz … well, maybe one of these days.  This particular darling was discovered at one of my favorite haunts, the Juniata Crossing Mercantile, between Bedford and Everett, Pennsylvania along Route 30 … and of course, the beautiful Juniata River.

Wikipedia has this to say about the calico cat …

Calico cats are domestic cats with a spotted or particolored coat that is predominantly white, with patches of two other colors (often, the two other colors are orange and black). Outside North America, the pattern is more usually called tortoiseshell-and-white. In the province of Quebec, Canada, they are sometimes called chatte d’Espagne (French for ‘(female) cat of Spain’). Other names include brindle, tricolor cat, tobi mi-ke (Japanese for ‘triple fur’), and lapjeskat (Dutch for ‘patches cat’); calicoes with diluted coloration have been called calimanco or clouded tiger. Occasionally, the tri-color calico coloration is combined with a tabby patterning. This calico patched tabby is called a caliby.

“Calico” refers only to a color pattern on the fur, not to a breed. Among the breeds whose standards allow calico coloration are the Manx, American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Persian, Japanese Bobtail, Exotic Shorthair, Siberian, Turkish Van, Turkish Angora and Norwegian Forest Cat.

Thanks, Wikipedia.  

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