The Barn Over The Hill

The morning dawns bright and crisply cold after an overnight snowfall. It brings the golden sunshine and a sharp, strong wind which blows the light snow across the fields and uncovers the stalks of the previous season’s now harvested corn. Your eyes are stinging from the cold and you reach into your pockets, hoping for a tissue. In the distance can be seen alternating snowy fields and rows of trees and the hint of the lovely Laurel Highlands on the horizon.

The Barn Over The Hill … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

I hope the old barn just over the hill is still in service, though the pointy cap of the silo has crumbled in and there are other signs of deterioration. Surely this barn, like so many others in the area, has seen better days, but can still be valued and useful.

As seen near Osterburg, Pennsylvania from route 869.


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