Before and After

If you’ve been following along with my blog, you know I get a big kick out of Photoshop and other image editing programs.  I’ve often told myself I should do a before and after post about a shot and talk about its creation process.  I think that kind of thing is always interesting … and for those of you who like to tinker around in editing programs, you might find it fun, too.

However.  We’re going to have to wait a little longer for a posting like that.  As far as before and after shots are concerned, the following is not at all what I had in mind.

This is our darling Buddy … coming to you fresh from two photo shoots in a true “before” and “after” couple of poses.  No Photoshop involved … in fact, these are straight from my iPhone.

Buddy gets great joy from the age-old doggie activity of sniffing … grass, bushes, lampposts, mailboxes, trees, mud, pants-legs and all things questionable. Some mornings, like today, he actually telegraphs to me that something very interesting has been roaming the community the night before.

In this case, I’m betting it was bear.

I should have been on my guard.

Whatever it was, it left a calling card. An errant tuft of grass apparently had some quite juicy stuff hidden therein, and Mr. Buddy, He-Who-Loves-To-Sniff, definitely found it.  Lois needs to be a bit quicker with the leash, as our Buddy dooo love to roll around in “stuff.”

Fortunately, my home is equipped with running water and puppy shampoo.  I think the “After” shot looks much nicer.

And trust me it smells much nicer, too.

And by the way … Buddy’s likeness is available as great wall art and lots of other fun products, here … that is if you like a CLEAN Maltese!!


"Can We Play Now" iPhone Case
“Can We Play Now” iPhone Case
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“Can We Play Now” Tote Bag
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“Can We Play Now” Throw Pillow





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