FaceBook’s New Route to Friend “Likes” on Fan Pages

Hey, here’s a quick heads up to anyone looking to invite friends to “like” your FaceBook business / fan page. We used to click up top right on the “building audience” tab … but that seems to be all about ads, now.

Instead … now look up at your header, where it says “Message” … then has three dots (elipses) to the immediate right. Click there and you’ll see your old “invite friends” link.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 3.00.22 PM

Maybe I’m missing the boat, but about the only time I use this feature anymore is when someone requests me to like their page … I check to make sure they’ve liked mine and if they haven’t, I send them a request.

Turn about IS fair play!!

11/2/14 … a quick update … as of yesterday, it looks like FB has gone back to using the “building audience” tab for inviting friends to like our business pages.  And it may be that these tabs work differently from person to person.  A bit confusing!!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!