The Merits of Old Fashioned Greeting Cards

I’m particularly happy when this card sells, as it did yesterday, at Greeting Card Universe.

Thinking of Grandfather Greeting Card by Lois Bryan at Greeting Card Universe

Thinking of Grandfather Greeting Card

by Lois Bryan at Greeting Card Universe

It means that someone, somewhere, appreciates their Grandfather … and is letting him know in the good old fashioned way. A way that those of my generation truly appreciate … something you can hold in your hands … something that someone else held in their hands. Something that someone took the time to look for, and lay down some money for … and put a stamp on and put in the mail to you. You can put it on the mantle … or on your bedside table … as tangible and REAL evidence that someone was thinking of you. You can show it off to your friends. Look … someone cared.

And there’s the other side. The buying of the card … your thoughts of that person in your life. Your rememberings. For however fleetingly, you and your memories of time spent with that person … that person’s love for you … are going out into the universe. That person may even feel a split second of joy even before the postman slips the card into the letterbox … because of the time you spent with them in the land of remembrance.

I know it’s becoming fashionable to dispense with Christmas cards … and to send your birthday and other greetings out in an email.

But there’s still something so so special about a greeting card.

So … it is with great joy … on behalf of this particular grandfather … that I thank the purchaser of “Thinking of Grandfather” today!!


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