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The Barn Over The Hill

The morning dawns bright and crisply cold after an overnight snowfall. It brings the golden sunshine and a sharp, strong wind which blows the light snow across the fields and uncovers the stalks of the previous season’s now harvested corn.

To Hold In Your Heart

While I spent the weekend on another of my annual hunts for red October (and orange and yellow and purple … the leaf peeping season) … and hope to give it another go this week and coming weekend, I added

We The People

With the eyes of the world upon us, which I’m pretty sure are filled with astonishment if nothing else, we here in the United States are slogging through another pre-election campaign adventure.  I’m shying away from sharing my own political views …

Enjoying Spring

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet.  You all know how life gets … but we’re a very lucky family … all is well!  YAY!! We’ve finally been enjoying some warmer weather in our area, and it’s gotten me to thinking about

The Cherry Blossom Festival

Imagine taking an early morning stroll along Washington DC’s Tidal Basin during the magnificent Cherry Blossom Festival. If you get there early enough, you’ll miss the mass of tourists and you’ll see the icy gray sky clear to a gentle powder

An Irish Pub In Scotland

A day late and a dollar short, that’s me!! The image I’m spotlighting today was supposed to have been posted yesterday which (at least for the next 26 minutes) was St. Patrick’s Day!!  But … well … you know how

The Secret World Of Coneflowers

Original Title: “When Fairies Come Out To Play” I am convinced that things go on in this world of ours that we know nothing about. I’ve never seen anything out of the ordinary, at least not since growing out of

To Protect And Serve

A few years ago my family and I had the great pleasure of attending a wonderful small-town Fourth Of July festival in the charming town of Queen Anne, Maryland. There was a fabulous parade complete with Parade Queens, the local

Lily Of The Incas

I love flowers. I used to love growing flowers, too, until the local mosquito population discovered what a tasty morsel I am. So when little me gets a bouquet of pretty posies, you can bet at some point the camera

For Tradition’s Sake

One of the things that makes holidays and family gatherings special to a lot of us is tradition. At least in my family, we like to go to the same family member’s house for a particular holiday and we like