Merry Christmas Snowman


I don’t make a habit of highlighting my older images … my eyesight or tastes have changed (evolved I hope?) over the years … but this old pic is an exception, mostly because of the story.  And since this blog is all about … uh mostly about … the stories behind the images, here comes an oldie.  My hope is that I hadn’t spotlighted this image here previously (remember, this blog’s been going on for a lot of years, the poor hijacked thing) but even so, I don’t think the image is here.  And even if it is, I’ve just refreshed it according to my ever-evolving tastes.  Or maybe it’s the cataracts?  Anyway.

“Merry Christmas Snowman” … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

A jolly snowman holding a “Merry Christmas” message sits expectantly at the table by the tree. Beside him wait a plate of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and a Christmas glass to be filled with cold milk. Santa’s arrival later in the evening is an exciting event not only for small children, but you know, all the toys come alive when he visits, too.

Since I first uploaded it, the toy snowman has developed a little history. As happens at the end of the holiday season, the tree and all its trimmings and extras get packed carefully away for 11 or so months, until the next Christmas season rolls around. One of the best parts of decorating the tree is always unwrapping the tissue paper of the most treasured pieces and experiencing the flood of memories that go with. A box of Kleenex close at hand is recommended.

In the case of this little guy, there really weren’t any memories. Years ago … 10-15? … I had been going through a store and made the mistake of looking in his eyes. I’ve since learned I cannot make eye contact with stuffed animals (or snowmen) without trouble ensuing. Namely, I buy them and bring them home.

But this guy caught me just as I was entering that phase … so home with me he went. After his photo shoot, I remember he lived on top of the refrigerator that first Christmas. I fell in love with that smile every time I went into the kitchen, but I don’t think my poor husband (who at that time was the official designated packer-away of Christmas stuff) felt quite the same. To the extent that the following Christmas, I couldn’t find him when doing all that happy/nostalgic unboxing of the ornaments. Not my husband … the snowman.

The years went on and the happy little snowman never resurfaced. After awhile, I sort of forgot about him, although come to think of it, I did start collecting snowmen right about that time … all with sweet happy smiles. So many years passed that if it weren’t for this photo posted on my website for all to see, I’m sure his memory would have faded completely. As it was, at every store I shopped in around Christmas, I risked the The-Eye-Contact-Curse and looked for him. Spent way too much time searching on E-Bay, too, by the way.  I love E-Bay.  And of course, that’s how the little snow-man collection began.

To make a long story short, somehow … out of the blue … my little friend was re discovered last year (one does wonder what he was doing all that time).  And because I’m me (the forgetful-compulsive type … not a great combination) he and all his new pals were not packed away last Christmas, but have taken up permanent residence in a corner of my office.  All year ’round.

And yes, I did bring home a new little snowman this year.  

Strictly for the collection, you understand.


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Ok, your turn … tell me a Christmas story about one of your ornaments or treasures!


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