New Year’s Day

“Poinsettia” … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Hoping everyone enjoyed a beautiful Christmas or whatever holidays you celebrate, and that your New Year’s Eve was joyful and filled with love and was either exciting or peaceful … whichever one you prefer.  Nothing worse than sitting around twiddling your thumbs if you’d rather be out kicking up your heels … or standing in a crowded room full of people you barely know and can’t hear anyway because the music is too loud.  Am I right??  Of course I am.  In my case, everything turned out exactly the way I like!!

Sorry for being somewhat absent lately … we had a bit of a family thing (everything’s fine) … then of course the holidays galloped up to me and there were the usual pre-holiday tasks to get done.  Fortunately, it ain’t my first rodeo, as the saying goes, and I managed to cleverly pull it all together with a minimum of screaming.

During all the doing, however, I still managed to find time to doodle with my photography and digital art when I could.  Usually pretty late at night when I’m so tired I’d be dangerous trying to do anything else, of course, but there ya go.  The weather here has been kind of icky these past couple of weeks.  In fact, Christmas was so warm we had appetizers out on the porch (which was actually nice) and with two ovens going, I very nearly put the air conditioning on in the house.   Weird.  You know, when it’s winter, it’s supposed to be winter.   Instead, it’s been day after day of steamy, foggy, warm gray stuff.  So I think the following image, the most recent addition to my gallery, was born of my need for some sunshine.

“Ruffles” … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

“Ruffles” can be found on my website by clicking the image where the watermark as well as the resolution is much nicer.  And as always, watermarks will never appear on your purchased products.  Thanks for dropping by and I wish you all a beautiful 2016!!!!



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