Afternoon In June

When I’ve made up my mind that an image is finished, and I mean when I am really and truly convinced that it’s “done and done,” one of a couple of things will happen.

Afternoon In June © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art
Afternoon In June © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Usually I’m so excited with the thing that I’ll add it to my website(s) right away.  This happens most of the time, and that will be that.

Another scenario is that I’ll add the image but go back the next day (and sometimes the day after) and tweak and change and adjust … repeatedly.  Why do things always look so different the next day??  I can’t imagine what the folks in the background of the hosting sites must be thinking when I start doing that.  I have to laugh … I hope they do too!!

Sometimes I’ll work up an image and really like it, but for one reason or another decide not to add it to any of my websites.  It can be because I’m waiting for the right season … a winter landscape uploaded in winter, for example.  Or maybe I’ve been adding too many in a similar processing style and will suddenly decide I need to switch things up a bit.  With any luck, I won’t forget about the poor thing for too long.  Been known to do that!

The last reason, and this is the one I do the least, is sit on an image that I really like.  For whatever reason, if I really love an image, sometimes it’s fun to just hold onto it for a little.  It’s a bit like having something pretty to wear in the closet with the price tag still dangling.  It’s a good feeling.  The picture I added today is one of those.

This is a truly lovely old buildling, now the offices of a thriving landscaping business.  There is a tiny sign hanging from the front porch that I’m pretty sure indicates when it was constructed, around 1790, if I’m not mistaken.  I know for our British and other Old World friends, that’s nothing, but for the United States, it’s a pretty significant and honorable age.

The building has been meticulously cared for and is always a joy to view as I pass by. I can just imagine strolling through the gardens with the perfect tall glass of frosted iced tea in my hand, a slice of lemon floating lazily among the tinkling ice cubes. I’d love to feel the warmth of the sun and gentle breezes on my skin as I enjoy the beautiful gardens.

But the beauty of this image, in my humble opinion, isn’t so much the building or the gardens, or the thought of that perfect iced tea on that perfect warm day.  It’s the light.  That glorious late spring – early summer whiff of magic that means proms and a picnic with your first love … and maybe even your first kiss.

So … from the depths of a cold winter’s day, a glimpse of spring and summer.  I guarantee you … they will be here again … eventually.

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