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“Puppy In The Garden” … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Heeeeey … so … how is everyone??  Hanging in there??  Ready for a beautiful autumn here in the northern hemisphere?  Man … I am!!!!

Sooo … based on my previous post, I’m sure the Blog-O-Sphere is agog with anticipation regarding my considered changes to Da Blog.  I’ve thought … and considered … and mused … and … 

Nah.  ‘S not really going to happen.

What I will do, though, is seriously discipline myself to exercise my brain’s writing cells (those that are still there) and get back to producing on a more regular basis.  (Once every six months really doesn’t cut it, even in my lackadaisical book.) Plus I want to at least attempt to be less stuffy in my posts.  Yes, I was getting stuffy.  I mean, it’s all well and good to expect folks to pop over and ooh and ahh over the artsy stuff, but hey … let’s be real.  The visitors here are probably readers … readers and enjoyers of the written word (scarce as we are becoming) … and if it’s a blog, give us something to read too, for Pete’s sake.  Right?

So … I shall make the attempt.  

Getting back to the artsy stuff … (this is still an art blog) … I thought I’d toss out a few of my new-ish doggie pics.  I’ve done a couple recently and they seem to be a hit on my website… and I admit … I do enjoy creating them.  And in honor of my writing resolution above, I’m including some back story too.  

The above blue (green?) little munchkin is a Maltese, our Buddy.  Buddy the FireBall.  He’s our darling … and my attempt here was to capture the sweet, slightly mischievous smile he has on his adorable face now and then.  It usually shows up right after he’s either eaten or had some water and is the result of his licking his lips with that tiny pink tongue, thus sweeping his mustaches aside for a minute or two.  So basically, the smile is always there, it’s just hidden.  The original photo on which this is veerrrry loosely based was taken … not out in the garden cavorting with the wildflowers and butterflies … but sitting on the bed while I folded laundry.  Imagine towels and … er … articles of clothing all around instead of Mother Nature’s pretties.  (It’s such fun to create my own world!) He was hand-painted, digitally, in Corel Painter.

“Among The Wildflowers At Sunset” … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Here’s another doggie in the flowers pic … “Among The Wildflowers At Sunset.”  What’s cuter than pups cavorting among the flowers on a pretty day?  Well, I’m sure the flowers would have something to say about that … and avid gardeners … but oh well.  Makes for fun pictures.  The above sweet darling … an English Cocker Spaniel (I think?) … was photographed at a dog show somewhere in Pennsylvania (York?) as long ago as 2007.  A super day for me and my p&s (point and shoot) mini-camera.  It was a digital camera, but only barely, and I was just beginning my photography journey.  Most of the pics I took that day involved doggies who became earless or footless thanks to my poor photography skills … but this one survived with all body parts intact.  Yay!  I painted it in the program that creates such pretty water colors … Rebelle … I love the totally different look it creates.  Still working my way through that Rebelle watercolor class I mentioned in my last post.  Sadly, I’ve discovered one ghastly fact:  if I go away from the class materials for a couple of weeks then come back, there’s a pret-ty good chance I’ll have forgotten what I learned.  Sigh.  

“Princess” … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

“Princess” (not her real name … I made it up!), the sweet French Bulldog, stole my heart at that same dog show so many years ago.  Her original photo was one of the ones where she zigged just as I was snapping the shutter … so part of her head, most of her back and one ear don’t really exist on the original photo.  But no matter … it was fun to research and recreate the whole.  I still remember this wriggly little darling from that sunny day in Pennsylvania.  Just a bundle of cuteness!!  I hand painted her digitally in Corel Painter. 

“Portrait Of A Samoyed” … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Last but not least is a portrait of a beautiful Samoyed … this is Sadie.  And yes, The Sammys really are that amazingly fluffy!  It’s because of their double coat which is made up of an insulating undercoat of short, dense soooo soft fur, and a topcoat which protects the skin from dirt, water, snow, etc.  The beauty of the breed is the way the light hits that coat and makes these guys absolutely glow. The interesting thing is … they don’t shed in the typical way.  They “blow” their coats about twice a year.  If you’re diligent with brushing, the undercoat sort of peels off in layers … and can actually be spun, like wool, and woven!!  (No, I never tried that.)  The Samoyed is eager, enthusiastic, strong (they pulled sleds in Siberia) and strong-willed.  But soooo sweet.  I hand-painted this picture, digitally, in Corel Painter.  

As always, if interested in any of my images, just click the picture and you should find yourself magically transported to my main website where the images and the products they’re available on can be found. In addition to the finest wall art including lots of format, frame and matting choices, we’ve got tote bags, masks, coffee mugs, cool puzzles and more. And I should probably mention that the images are available on more products in my RedBubble store, too … Lois Bryan At RedBubble.  If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for there, just let me know.

So?  What’s your favorite doggie?  I’d love to hear your stories!


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21 comments on “Blogs and Dogs
  1. Robin King says:

    Awwww…sweet, beautiful! Stunning artwork, Lois!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  2. I love all of them, but I confess the Samoyed is my favorite. I’ve always wanted one of the floofy, pointy-eared breeds, Samoyed, Pomeranian, Keeshond, but the opportunity has never come about. (I also think deep down inside I’m still grieving the dog we adopted when the kids were little. He was a black Pomerpoo, and probably the love of my life, lol.)

    You have a deft touch with the digital brush that makes the dogs look soft and huggable. Do you use a stylus, by the way? Or is this done entirely with point and click on a computer?

    • Lois Bryan says:

      Hi Hangaku … yes the Sammy is a breathtakingly beautiful creature. Our Sadie had an unusually beautiful face … and oh that tail of hers when she was young. It got a bit scraggly as she grew older … I’ll have to dig up some snaps of her when that tail was in its prime. Yes, all my digital art is done with a Wacom Tablet and an art pen. They are fabulous tools … I can get very detailed or as wild and crazy as I want with that pen … don’t know what I’d do without it.

      • My younger daughter, who works in digital animation, also has a Wacom tablet! She’s sad she doesn’t get to use it very often these days, as she’s chained to a computer, creating explosions and making actors appear as if they’re flying…or exploding, lol. She used the tablet most recently to design a Christmas card she sent to the family and close friends. It looks like she hand-painted the picture, which is a testament to how great the Wacom is. Also a lot quicker and less messier!

        • Lois Bryan says:

          Oh how exciting for your daughter!!! What fun that must be!!! Yes, the Wacom is fabulous. The one I have is ages old, but “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” right? I know there are lots of newer, fancier models, with more bells and whistles, but mine works like a dream. Combining that with the art pen and I’m good! And yes, my goal is to create art that does look like the real thing. I was into oils, many, many years ago … and I still miss the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowds, no wait, that was another lifetime,🤣. I do though miss the mess … the smell of turpentine and linseed oils. But honestly, the pure portability of digital can’t be beat. And no drying time to worry about!! I do everything on a MacBook Pro lap top … and I can go from room to room, house to house … and everything I need is in my computer case. Easy peasy!!!

        • +1 for your screen name. “Fearless as a man; beautiful as a flower.” My spouse, the Alpha Japanese Female, would be impressed.

  3. Mary Timman says:

    Lovely dogs and painting.

  4. I enjoyed your artwork and reading the back stories. Sadie the Samoyed is just amazing….lucky you for having her so long. Our French bulldog could best be described as a rhino without the bodger on its bonce – luckily, as what she can do without one is quite sufficent to keep us on our toes.

    • Lois Bryan says:

      Helen I’m laughing at your comments about your bulldog … the one I posted, from the angle I shot the original, makes her looks so precious … but I know that breed is personality plus!!

  5. Which doggie is my favorite…hmmm…nah, you know it’s gotta be Buddy. Maltese salute! I love Buddy’s bright sparkly eyes and the playful glint so typical of the breed. But, truth to tell, all the pupsters are delightful and the descriptions are so welcome and fun to read. Educational, too, as I did not know about the Samoyeds blowing their fur in mats. (Guess we won’t be seeing a Sammy around here for awhile…) I think all the dogs are happy to hear that Summer is giving way to Autumn and cooler temperatures and pumpkin spice Milk Bones.

    • Lois Bryan says:

      I know I’m thrilled summer is fading. I’m sure we’ll have another run of scorchers … it always has to deliver a last punch or two. But we’ll be seeing the fall colors in the next month or so, weather permitting. As to the Sammys, that pic is of our Sadie … she lived to 16 years old, which is pretty fabulous for her breed. And oooo … her fur was amazing. Seriously, it is collected by weavers and they make afghans … hats … whatever out of it. It is considered hypoallergenic … or so I’ve been told. And that breed has NO doggie smell. Not even Fritos! Hugging one of those dogs is like hugging a cloud.

  6. Phil says:

    You have a really splendid collection of adorable dog artworks, Lois ~ thanks for sharing, and I wish you a wonderful autumn…beginning tomorrow 🤗🌹

    • Lois Bryan says:

      Hey Phil!!!! Thanks so much … I love doggie pics … will have to do a post on kitties soon, too, right?? And thanks for your Happy Autumn wishes. No, to me it doesn’t start tomorrow. It starts September 1st. You know people who jump the Christmas Holidays? I jump Fall!!! 😁 It can’t come soon enough for me!!! Had my first pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks today, too!!! YUM!!!

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