Nearly Six Months

Well, it’s been a crazy nearly 6 months since my last visit here.  I won’t go into excuses and explanations (yet again), except to say that all is well.  I haven’t even been that busy (I’ve actually been feeling what we used to call “punk” … no energy, odd sleeping episodes, no stamina, a year-long… Continue reading Nearly Six Months

Another Incarnation

Well, we’ve undergone another change here.  🙄 I’ll be trying to figure out the way this new site works.  Hoping it’s just a period of adjustment with the new theme?  Have a note in to some folks who hopefully will be able to help. Anyway.  Dere’s worse things, right?  Absolutely!!! Funny that this happened …… Continue reading Another Incarnation

Questioning …

My little blog … which is all about giving my art-stuff yet another avenue out into the universe … may be undergoing a bit of a change.  Maybe.  I’m thinking.  More on that in a minute.  Don’t worry, it’ll all eventually tie together.  That is, unless I forget where I’m going with this.  Which can happen.