The Long Hot Summer

Well, here we are in mid September and my last blog post was all the way back in the beginning of July.  No excuse is good enough … though I did catch a whopper of a cold right around the 4th of July which morphed into something dastardly and evil.  And not only evil, but tenacious.  It’s only been since last week that I’ve finally begun to feel normal again.  And no, I didn’t go to the doctor …

“the Old Apothecary Shop” … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

I probably should have … but who knew it would drag on sooo long??

Wish I could claim that the real reason I’ve neglected you all, my dear readers, was something exciting and exotic like world travel … a whopper of a vacation sunning on a beach … walking lovely streets in fabulous historic towns … visiting amazing sights I’d never dreamed of seeing …

“Windmills Of Mykonos” … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art


but … alas, no.  Not this summer.

What I have been doing, however, is investigating a fun new artsy program.  My creative time has been spent … well … being creative and playing with visual stuff, rather than the written word.  The above windmills from the Greek Island of Mykonos are an example, as is this pretty dahlia pic that I captured at the lovely “Fields Of Flowers” in Purcellville, Virginia …

“Garden Variety Dahlia” … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

As always, a click into the images will take you to my website where you can mouse over a spot, click and get a view that includes all the fun detail-y bits and bobs (that I have so much fun with!).

So … now that I’m back in the swing of things, look for more from little me here, or you can always catch me at my main website.

And how have you spent the summer??

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