Author: Lois Bryan

Visiting The Zoo

One of my favorite places to go for animal photography is the Catoctin Nature Preserve and Zoo, in Thurmont, Maryland.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never get to Africa for that camera-safari I’ve always dreamed of, so for me the local zoos

Winter’s Last Goodbye and Springtime’s Hello

Here we are nearly at the end of March, yet as I listen to the news, the weather guys are predicting even more snow flurries for us tonight.  I think many us will remember the winter of 2014-2015 as The Winter That

The Town That Time Forgot

Here in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast of the US, it’s been a doozie of a winter.  And at the end of a long, cold one like this … well, we hope it’s the end! … our thoughts naturally turn to

Window To The Past

Not quite sure why, but I’ve always had a strong attraction to window and door art. Symbolically, windows and doors can be metaphors for many things … freedom … hope … opportunity … possibilities … and as bridges between our

Fresh From A Long Winter’s Nap

If there’s anything cuter than puppies and kittens when they’re sleeping, it’s when they’ve just awakened. Here’s a tiny Maltese puppy, fresh from a long winter’s nap. I crept up on him quietly, trying to get a shot of him

A Song Of Spring

One of my favorite things to do in spring is grab the camera and take a walk down the road to our community’s 5-acre pond. I’m never quite sure what I’ll find, but the beautiful red-winged blackbird is almost always

Peaceful Summer Afternoon

On a visit to the beautiful Winterthur estate, former home of the DuPont family near Wilmington, Delaware, visitors can take a ride through the extensive grounds on an open bus. If you visit, I highly recommend taking advantage of this,

Good Things Come In Small Packages

We’ve all heard the saying that “good things come in small packages.” When it comes to the Maltese breed of dog, those words could never be more true. Fun-loving, gentle, loving and so smart, the Maltese is truly a bundle

Rock On, Oh Ye Magnificent Road Warrior, Rock On

I was on another one of my many cool-barn hunts when I stumbled across this magnificent beast-that-was. Tucked away, covered in weeds and brambles, there he crouched. I could almost hear his once-proud roar … waiting, straining at the bit

Let It Go

“Let It Go” is another in my informal “Vanishing America” series … a lovely old barn and silo discovered on a trip home from snapping eagles at Conowingo Dam in Conowingo, Maryland … captured in late November of 2014 with