Author: Lois Bryan

Leading To Lincoln

This lovely view of the Arlington Memorial Bridge leading from Virginia into the Nation’s Capital and the glorious Greek Doric-style Lincoln Memorial is often called the Ceremonial Entrance to our beautiful city. The Lincoln Memorial itself has been the scene

Under The Crepe Myrtle Tree

It’s a glorious August morning and for once the humidity of a Mid-Atlantic summer isn’t making you feel like you’re growing gills.  Even your hair isn’t frizzing. The sunshine warms you down to your soul … the air is clean

Goodbye Mr. Pip

This is my friend, Mr. Pip. He’s a male cardinal … one of the wild things that bring so much joy to so many. I’m convinced that this particular guy has been my backyard pal for a long time. I

Train’s Coming – Berryville Farm Supply

So you and your better half have been out for a drive on a glorious October afternoon. There’s really nothing better than the light in autumn in the Mid-Atlantic area. The activity so many of us enjoy at this time


Ug. You’ve had one of those days … seems like everything you touched went wrong … everybody you spoke with was confrontational … you almost feel like you need a reset button on life. We’ve all had those kinds of

With Flowers In Her Hair

When our son left for a semester abroad a few years back,  both my husband and I tried hard not to show how much we envied him his upcoming adventure.  One of the things that made it fun for us,

The John Brown Museum at Harper’s Ferry

As you walk down Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia’s, Shenandoah Street on a golden autumn afternoon, your eyes fall on the John Brown Museum way down at the end of the road. Suddenly even though you’re bathed in rich, warm sunlight,

Storm’s Coming

Standing by the side of the road, you gaze across the barren field … your eyes filled with the reflected glow of the setting sun and the threatening storm clouds fast approaching. Looks like trouble is on its way for

Old-Timey Still-Life Stuff

I’ve been in an uncharacteristically thoughtful mood lately … typically I get this way in autumn when the year is drawing to a close and Mother Nature is putting on her last burst of glory before we all head indoors to

At First Blush

When we first bought our house a number of years ago, we had a lot of fun designing and planting the landscaping. One of the things we tried to do was use trees and annuals that would bloom at different