Heavens!!  Looks like I’ve done it again … neglected this poor blog!!!  Last post was mid-March when we were still looking forward to full spring. Now here we are already in August and deep into a hot and stuffy summer.  Ug.  Oh well … that’s what I love about the Mid-Atlantic area.  With our four distinct seasons, there’s always another one just around the corner to look forward to.

The images I’m including today definitely have summertime vibes.

“So Many Summers” is loosely based on a photo I took back in 2009 and hand painted, digitally, in Corel Painter.  I was traveling through Pennsylvania … somewhere between Bedford and Harrisburg along Route 30.  I love deserted buildings.  Such stories they seem to want to tell us.

So Many Summers … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

This is the description I used at my website:

“A long deserted farm house, resting her old bones in the warmth of a summer afternoon, thinks back over the many years she’s stood solidly in her field. How many sunny days she has left, she doesn’t know … but it’s not important. What’s important is the joy of the day … the breezes that tickle the weeds … that play with the fluffy white clouds … and blow through her open windows and doors … and bring the freshness of the day into her heart.

To me, this image is about acceptance and peace … and living in (and enjoying) the moment.”

One more summertime image.  “Into The Wind” was created entirely in my imagination and digitally hand-painted, freehand, in Corel Painter.  After a week at the Outer Banks of North Carolina we did see lots of tiny white sailboats in the distance, so I was definitely influenced by real life.  Freehand, digitally hand painted in Corel Painter.

“Into The Wind” … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Again, from my website:

“Beyond the golden shore with its crashing aqua waves and beneath the sky filled with flying clouds we see a tiny sailboat. She’s skimming through the waters of the ocean … without a care in the world! Into the wind she goes … from where … to where … we’ll never know. But for the moments she’s in our vision, we are a part of her journey and her joy.”

Clicking into the pictures will take you to my website where the many wall art options and gift items the images are available on can be found.

Thanks for stopping by … and enjoy the rest of your summer!



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