Here Comes Spring


Here Comes Spring … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

When the green shoots of the daffodils poke through the ground like the noses of curious frogs, when the leaden grays of the skies above turn to sapphire, and when the chill winds soften to warmth, you know … here comes spring!!

It’s A Big World … © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

And a blue hydrangea, enjoying the spring sunshine, has a visitor. A tiny red polka-dotted lady bug, who came from who knows where, makes her way steadily up the broad green leaf, on her way to the blue flowers above. It’s a big world … and she’s getting weary … but it’s time for lunch and there’s nectar in those blossoms! 

Soon the pansies will be dotting walkways, the golden jonquils and daffodils will be waving hello, and the birdies will be chasing each other across the lawns. This brief moment in time, the month of March in the Northern Hemisphere, is filled with hope and good cheer. Happy Spring, everyone!!

Both of the above are digitally hand-painted from my own, exclusive and original photography … they are not filtered and are not based on anyone else’s images.  

As always, I’d love you to click the pics … you’ll be whisked over to my website where you’ll be able to see the detail-y bits I always enjoy adding by running your mouse over them.  Also, all the cool products the images are available on can be viewed (no watermarks on any purchases, of course!). These include the beautiful new puzzles as well as the newest addition:  stickers!!!  

So?  What are your plans for spring?  


4 Comments on “Here Comes Spring

  1. Beautiful images but you know you have now jinxed Spring and assured several weeks of dreadful weather, right? Even that Groundhog is dancing around yelling 6 more weeks! 6 more weeks!

    • Yes I know. But you have to remember, I’m a winter girl. Our springs, glorious as they are, generally last about 3 hours … that delicious place at about 70 degrees that we enjoy as the temps climb their way from the 40s to the 90s. Ya gotta be quick around here.

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