Lazy Me

You know, I’m just going to come right out and say it.  I’ve been a lazy bum about cleaning up my poor blog and updating it and keeping it going.  Bad Lois.  Look all you want, there’s not a good excuse to be found.  There are still a couple of things I need to do to the overall appearance … things that bug me, but probably no one else even notices.  And the sad thing is, I’ve even got the how-to’s of the fixes right in my e-mail’s in-box (cripes … unless I lost them!!!)  So.  Guess what?  I’m not going to fix them tonight, either!!!  Nor am I going to go back and replace the lost posts.  At least, not any time soon.  I will, however, still try to add in the images that disappeared on those older posts that remain.

I think the task of doing all of the above was just a wee bit daunting.  Boy, I hate admitting it, but I think it’s true.  And rather than knuckle down and tackle the whole big deal, I just put it off until I had “time.”  Yeah right.  Well … see how well that worked out.  It’s now July and my last post was in March.  Sigh.  

But here I am again … and I’ve decided to just pick up where I left off, hoping that the momentum of getting back in here and writing and adding little stories about my images (because that is what this is all about!) will get me moving in a more productive direction again.  And who knows, I may still get around to adding back in my lost posts!!  

I am still creating images … doing my photography thing … then still having fun creating digitally painted images from the snaps.  Here’s one I did in May of this year (2019).

A Bluebird On The Redbud by © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Isn’t he glorious?  He’s a male Eastern Bluebird … sitting on the flowering branches of a redbud tree, surveying his world. Not far away is his sturdy bluebird box, already being filled with nesting materials in preparation for the family he and his pretty mate plan to welcome into the world. To his immediate left is a feeding station stocked well with dried mealworms (his favorite) as well as pre-shelled sunflower seed nuts … which he and his wife love as well.

I can’t begin to describe the joy our feathered friends have given us as we’ve watched their comings and goings.  They worked themselves to the bone (I should take a lesson in hard work from them, right?).  We weren’t around to witness the outcome of the first brood, but not long after, another blue bird couple made our box their home, too.  I’m happy to announce that today, after much nail-biting on my part, and fond tolerance of my worries on the part of my husband, we had at least two birdies fledge.  I’d have happily sat and watched (and photographed) them all day long, but alas, life called and I had to be elsewhere.

Speaking of being elsewhere … off I go.  But .. with any luck I’ll be back … sooner than 4 months from now, I hope … ??


As ever, thanks for dropping by.  If you’d like to chat birdies and bird watching, I’m your gal. See the comment section below?  Well, no you don’t unless you click on the title above which will bring up the whole post, including the interactive bits.  Another one of those annoying things about this new layout that I really do have to fix.  Another … Sigh.

And oh by the way, if you’d like a copy of the above image as art for your walls, covers for your cell-phones or mugs for your coffee … or a bunch of other cool things … click into the image and unless I screwed up, you should land on my web page with lots of fun ideas for you to enjoy my little bluebird friend anytime. 

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    • Ok, another glitch discovered!!! I responded and my response disappeared … sigh. Anywho, I wrote the above post and promptly left town … though I took the computer with me, I didn’t even open the thing all week!! So, today is catch up day … your lovely notes have been approved so they should show up on both the reader and the standard post now (though my original response is gone with the wind). Thank you again … you good girl you!!! And glad you enjoyed da birdie!!!

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