Days Of Discontent

I visited Antietam National Battlefield in October of 2016 .. I’ve been here before. Years ago I was a parent chaperone for one of my son’s high school field trips. That was my first visit, or so the rational side of me said. Something else in my heart said differently. I remember the ghostly sensations I felt as the kids recited and re-enacted scenes from that long-ago bloody day.

Days Of Discontent … from © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

My more recent visits, including the day in October, haven’t been as emotional … but they have been unnerving.

Maybe it’s due to the current state of affairs in our beloved nation … our own “days of discontent” … or maybe it’s just my imagination run amuck again. I don’t know.

But I hope wiser heads and hearts begin to prevail again for us soon … and that we can look forward, beyond the canons and voices of anger and fear and war … and that we can carefully walk the path through to more peaceful and understanding times.


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