A Puppy-Dog Thanksgiving

On this day before Thanksgiving here in the US, a day of food preparation, house cleaning and loads of busy and fun tasks to be completed before the big day, I wanted to stop and take just a moment to send my own thanks out into the Universe.  I’m grateful for so many things which I will keep private … just between me and the Universe … but there is one thing in my life … in addition to my dear husband and my children and grandchild whom I love with all my heart … and yes, my camera stuff, too, lol … that I wanted to share.

It’s a fun little video and though it’s very small, looks like I can’t upload it here … so I’m including a link to my public FaceBook “fan” page.  Click the puppy pic below … you’ll recognize the post when you see this face … just click!  I hope it brings a smile!!

“King Of The World” … by Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

Happy Thanksgiving!!

On a business note (remember, I warned you about the shameless self promotion) … if you’re interested in the above image as fine wall art or other cool gift ideas, you can find it here.

Blessings on you all!!!!!

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