A quick check-in to make sure you, Dear Reader, aren’t thinking that I’ve fallen off the edge of the planet again.  Nope, still here, still kicking!!

I’ve been in the Seldom-Seen category lately for a very good reason … and “good” is indeed the operative word.  Though I rarely share personal info, I’ll let YOU in on the secret.  My darling hubby and I have picked up stakes and moved from our home of over 28 years!!  Yep!!  Beat feet!!  Said Adios!!!  Sayonara, baby.  Tears were shed, sad partings were held, long last looks were taken … but into the jitney we hopped …

“See The USA In A Chevrolet” … from Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

then the rubber hit the road

“Take Me Home” … from Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

… and we headed west, young man, to paraphrase Horace Greeley.  West, indeedy, from Maryland to West-By-God-Virginia!

Almost Heaven!!

And yes, we’re doing fine, thank you for asking.  We’re feeling a bit like we’re living in a pinball machine … sooo many boxes … but we’re chipping away … chipping away. Things are starting to look like home again.  Fun to re-arrange the familiar in new surroundings and try to bring out the best in each favorite piece.

We’re doing the downsizing thing.  And though we spent the past many months organizing stuff and deciding what stays and what goes, and of what goes, what to give away and what to trash … still, in a much smaller home … there will still be more stuff to find a home for and more ingenious ways to organize what’s being kept.  But oh, the drama, when you can’t find your favorite whateveritis.  I can literally waste half an hour looking for something that’s sitting right in front of my nose.  Or.  Which we put in the storage facility and completely forgot.

Oh, the joys of confusion.

But it’s an adventure … another side road on our life’s journey … and one we’re thoroughly enjoying.

So … forgive my absence … (didja miss me??) … and I’ll be back more regularly again, now.  I think.  If I don’t lose my computer again.





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