A Celebration Of Goodbye

The newest addition to my website is a vintage take on one of everyone’s favorite spring flowers in our area, the Grape Hyacinth … also called Muscari. We have a couple of plots of the things around our front walk that pop up faithfully, year after year. They’re always a delight with their pretty bell-shapes and blue tones … echoing the welcome blues of the April skies themselves.

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“A Celebration Of Goodbye” © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

I have a boatload of images of the things, but as I get ready to upload one each year, I find I’m never quite satisfied with something. Either the composition or the light … something. So this year, I set to work to mess around in Photoshop (my favorite place to play) for a while and see what I could come up with.

As I worked, the image became more and more a reflection of something that I can’t get back. Due to circumstances beyond our control (exploding hot water heaters in the basement … sigh … the trials and tribulations of hard water … which thankfully has now been resolved), we’ve had to say goodbye to a lovely box of old children’s books. Some of them from my own childhood. And as I (yes, tearfully) sent them on their way and inhaled probably buckets-full of toxic mold, I wandered down paths I’d forgotten existed … reading childhood stories that were once as dear to me as my favorite stuffed animal (Elefunny … a stuffed elephant, now also gone with the wind). Embedded beside those wonderful old stories were so many lovely images … colorful watercolors of kitties and puppies and blue skies … and flowers, too.

So … in a belated but heartfelt salute to childhood itself, “A Celebration Of Goodbye” was born.


Sorry about the horrendous watermark … been having trouble with swiped images.  As always, if you’d care to see the image in a better resolution and with a less intrusive watermark, just give it a click and you’ll be whisked away to my website where you’ll also see the image offered on not only fabulous wall art, but also some fun product types.


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