I finally got back to Conowingo Dam, in Conowingo, Maryland this past week. The location is a well known hang-out for American Bald Eagles during the months of November and December, and since I haven’t been able to get up there the past couple of years, I was pretty excited.


The weather was not very cooperative.  Mostly overcast both days, flat light … and for some reason my trusty Nikon D300 camera and 150-500mm OS Sigma lens and I were at odds, so the several-hundreds of shots that I took resulted in only a few keepers.

But I’ve always wanted a shot of an eagle sitting in a tree … one without branches obscuring his face … and this one hit the mark.   I think the fish, the reason for his proud expression, was a great bonus. Seeing the activities, actually the fights, these eagles get into over the fish is very exciting. No great shots of that … not quite yet.  Maybe next year!!

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