In my “About” section, I freely admitted to a certain amount of shameless self-promotion, so I think it’s only fair to warn you, this particular blog entry falls squarly into that category.

A couple of the POD (print on demand) art sites I belong to offer contests or challenges.  I don’t take them very seriously, I mean I do try to make sure my entries match what the administrators are looking for, but I never expect winning or placing.  They’re just a good way of getting images out into the universe and of seeing what other artists have been creating.

A lot of photographers / artists take the contests very seriously, though, even to the point of soliciting votes from family and friends.   I don’t, so when one of my images comes up in the winner’s circle, I’m pretty excited!

Had a couple do just that over at Fine Art America, recently …

“Playful Wild Violets” tied for Third Place in the “Nature photography using DIGITAL PAPER TEXTURES” held by the “Fine Art Nature Images Using Digital Textures” Fine Art America Group on July 20, 2014.  My thanks to the group administrator, Cheryl Butler, and congratz to the other winners!

And “Awww Don’t Cry” tied for Second Place in the “Hold The Raid” contest, held by Fine Art America’s “The Artistic Forager” group July 31, 2014.  My thanks to the group administrator, Alexandria Weaselwise Busen, and congratz to the other winners!

Awww Don't Cry © Lois Bryan Photography and Digital Art

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