Technical Difficulties

Well, dang …

Looks like all my pictures have gone off to see the wizard here on my blog …

So tomorrow, I’ll see about starting to replace them … this should be fun!!  In the meantime, here’s a new one that is actually one of a series of three that I recently posted to my Fine Art America website.  It’s summer here on the East Coast of the US … and the butterflies are floating around so thick and fast I nearly have to brush them aside when I walk through my garden!!!


Seeking Sweetness 1So if you like butterflies, drop on over to my website (by clicking the image above) and see some more!!

And in the meantime, I’ll start fixing the blog back up … tomorrow ….

Update:  Well, tomorrow came sooner than usual … everything’s all updated already … whew!!!

< brushes hands on jeans, straightens hat, and saunters off into the sunset.  Well, technically it’s nearly 11 pm here and the dogs still need to be walked, but you get the idea! >  Done and done!!


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